Property Information

The Resource Recovery site is a 5,758 acre parcel of land located in Rush Township and Snow Shoe Township, Centre County, PA. It is bordered on the south and east by Interstate Route 80 and on the west and north by Moshannon Creek and Route 53.


The property plan depicts the entire parcel of land and shows the respective parcels of the property:

  • Parcel 1 lies entirely within Rush Township, consists of approximately 2460 acres.
  • Parcel 2 lies entirely within Snow Shoe Township, and consists of a land area of approximately 3,298 acres.


The site is uniquely suited for the proposed development because:

  • It is centrally located within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • It is a "brownfields" site previously mined for coal and in need of remediation/reclamation.
  • Its size and configuration allow development of all elements of the project with substantial buffering from neighboring properties and environmentally sensitive resources.
  • Its remote location provides assurance that there will be no visual, noise or odor impacts on neighboring properties and no conflicts with neighboring land uses.
  • There are no endangered species or ecologically sensitive land areas adversely impacted.
  • It is accessible by rail utilizing existing rail beds and structures.
  • Its geologic and hydrologic characteristics are conducive to safe and environmentally sensitive development and operations.

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